A Land Divided

A Land United

For over a century the continent of Wesilia has been plagued by constant war and struggles for power. It all began with the assassination of Emperor Palidrin IV of House Stallar during a coup to seize control of the empire by those he’d one considered loyal supporters. Is is unclear who controlled the assassin’s blade. Though there were many potential usurpers who could have employed the slayer.

Palidrin IV was not without an heir. His son was, however, far too young to seat the throne and after the emperor’s passing it was deemed best to hide him among those still loyal to the emperor.

And so the dynasty of Stallar fell, the great capitol city of ivory-colored stone falling to a coalition force. Thus ended one dynasty only for another to begin… or so it was planned.

The empire as a unified land was not to last. The great houses of Wesilia’s alliance faltered a soon as their victory was reached. Alliances, as well as promises were broken and in the end the only occupant of the great imperial throne was dust.

And so it was that Wesilia’s lands were divided among those who had the power to enforce their own command. The great houses all took it upon themselves to declare their own sovereign nations. Kingdoms, magocracies, and even the lone instance of a republic formed seemingly overnight.


A Time of Discord

Thus began what many historians, both in Wesilia and across the seas in numerous other lands, would refer to as the time of discord. With the former political systems in Wesilia upended a great vacuum formed. Lords who had before held only minor titles would rebel against their liege lords in a fight for sovereignty. Neighboring territories, once counties beneath the same liege would begin to openly squabble without their leaders able to intervene; They were often dealing with troubles of their own calling the banners of those who would heed them.

Not all resorted to war to resolve their disputes. Just as many battles were fought in the realm of propaganda and sowing dissent among neighboring populations. Among many, from noble families to common swineherds, feelings of distrust, resentment and fear were planted.

A War for Unity

In recent years the young and idealistic heir to the Stallar family, Justinian I, has emerged from his family’s self-imposed exile. Justinian, making claims to be the grandson of the former emperor and the bearer of the Stallar family name saw an opportunity within the escalating chaos of Wesilia.

With the support of House Garrot, one of the great houses of Wesilia the young emperor began a march northward. Making cunning use of the rivalry that had developed between different families and territories during the empire’s absence he has carved a path of conquest over more than half of the continent.

His dream of reuniting the continent under the imperial rule of the Stallar’s, while once seeming impossible, now seems close to fruition. The land and it’s peoples are once again swept by war and turmoil and power has once again changed hands. Those who did not bend the knee to the emperor found themselves displaced. Their lands often given to those who supported him in the still-continuing war for unity.


A Land Divided